Hello!! I am Bubbles!!

In random me on January 1, 2009 at 10:34 am
1st Jan 2009

1st Jan 2009

Hi Hi!!

I am Bubbles!! I am born to Snow (my birth daddy) and DoDo (my birth Mummy) in Sembawang. It was on the 28th Dec 2008 when my mummy came to see me for the very first time with my grandparents and mummy’s friend πŸ™‚

I didn’t care bits; was as mischievious and playful, running after the mop that my poor carer then was using (she was trying to very hard to mop the floor coz of me πŸ˜› haa). I wasn’t that shy and was very affectionate, and super duper bubbly, like I’d not a care in the world. I guess that’s why my mummy had decided to call me “Bubbles”. Haa.. not one bubble, but many. Do you know why? Coz mummy said I am so hyper and so loud that one bubble doesn’t seem to do me justice πŸ˜› haa haa

Mummy said her first impression of me was this: “Bubbles was the least reserved/shy puppy ever! Ever so curious jumpy & playful… with her previous carers and us! She is in love in with playing with water, mops, and running crazily around.. definately a happy bubbly little fella… it was love at first sight..

I didn’t had a rough time adapting to my new enviroment much, except for the lonely first night. I am kinda sad without my sisters and my birth parents that I started whining. Mummy let me sleep with her. πŸ˜› Now? MY crate is just next to mummy’s!! hee…….. Boy am I glad!!

Here are some facts of me πŸ™‚

Name: Bubbles

DOB: 18th Oct 2008

Faves: treats, companionship, going out, sleeping, chasing mystic, being mischevious πŸ˜› pats and being loved πŸ˜›

Detest: showers, esp brushing teeth, cleaning ears and blow-drying, being reprimanded, being left alone

Fave toys: my bone bone and ball ball (from Alina), my Monster, trusty towel

Date of rehome: 1st Jan 2009, 1130hr

Birth line: Snow & DoDo. Born into a litter of 3, with 2 other sisters. Had brothers in the previous batch of litter.

That’s all folks!!! πŸ˜› woooof!!!

1st Jan 2009

1st Jan 2009


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