A troubled parent…

In Home sweet home on March 31, 2009 at 9:38 pm

My dear bubbles is coming to her 6th month soon.. and she is showing signs of rebellion.

She is starting to be picky over her kibbles and keeps biting when she is excited or in mood of play.. and often plays very rough. When being reprimanded, she would rebelliously bark back and run away, only to stop and bark back. Her bark could be loud and sharp, or loud and deep.. mostly with her teeth showing (aggression?)…

Would like to seek any opinon from the public and friends to see what are my possible options to deal with her food-picky and biting habits…


  1. I think Im a strict parent. If Georgi shows signs of aggression like showing teeth, I will grab his muzzle and scold him or punish him by confining him in one corner. You have to discipline early so it will not continue and get worse. I think Bubbles is starting to be domineering.

    For food, Im fortunate that Georgi was not really picky on what I feed him. There was a short period thou that he did not wan to eat his kibbles (ard that age – 6 months) and I tried to coax him to eat but still dun wan so I leave it there for a while and if he still dun eat I will remove and let him starve. Next day put a new set of same kibbles and eventually when he’s too hungry, he whacked! I think from tat lesson, he learnt tat watever I feed he better not be choosy and eat.. haha

    If this does not work on Bubbles, you might wan to try add something different into her kibbles to make it more interesting like meat or some veg or change kibbles flavour or brand.

    I think it’s all about being firm and train them consistently. Dun give up and change method too quickly coz dogs learn thru repetition. It works for Georgi so hope it works for you and bubbles too..

    Most importantly be patient and consistent then u will see results 🙂

  2. Thanks Serene for the tips…
    Think i need to be more firm with her and keep my faith and persevere on to get her whipped into shape….

    Think the starving method seems to work a little.. and trying to supplement her with some puppy milk when she really goes on hunger strike… but today she is finally accepting her kibbles plainly le 🙂
    hoorray 🙂

  3. No worries.. will help as much as I can based on my own experiences 🙂

    Glad it’s working for you.. cheers!

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