Turbo’s Birthday!!

In Outings!!! on May 17, 2009 at 10:26 pm

Its mummy’s friend’s baby’s 4th birthday today! There’s a birthday party held at Sentosa and we’re invited!!

Turbo is my new found friend and its his birthday! There was Ash, the 7 yrs old Golden Retriever, and Lucas, the 9mth old Pug amongst the birthday group 🙂 Mummy’s friends were so nice to treat us to a nice meal with lamb meatballs, lam meatloaf, biscuits… and of coz, turbo’s pretty blue cheesecake!! All so yummy…:P I loved the meatballs and meat loaf best!!! 😛

Had a nice swim too…. Mummy is glad that nowadays, I tend to stick to her more and respond to her calling already. 🙂

Too bad I have class that pm, so we had to leave early… nevertheless, we had so much good old fun 🙂 Mummy and I gave a squeeky blue hip to Turbo.. it is bite proof (supposedly).. hoepfully it would last under his violence … lol 😛


Pss.. Photos will be uploaded once they are attained 😛


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