Bubbles and her mock exam

In Skool time on May 31, 2009 at 8:06 pm

Date: 31st May 2009

Location: K9Kulture

Course: Basic Obedience Course

Today’s my mock exam for my basic training course! Mummy is so worried and kept asking me to buddy up with her and cooperate. I simple can’t be bothered and just wanna rest. We have been told to not play while awaiting for our time to go into the room and be tested. When it was finally our turn, we did a pretty good job with the leash heeling, though I was kinda tugging away from mummy. However, when it was off leash heel time, I get so distracted with the doggie scent around that I strayed off almost all the time! Mummy was so anxious and kept thinking that we are not gonna make it.. But she still said she would still love me the same 😛

Next was the group sit-stay and down-stay exercise. I did it beautifully for sit-stay and mummy was so happy. However, for the 1st attemtp on down-stay, i strayed off again when I was distracted by my neighbouring dog. However, the second attempt was good. From mummy’s excitement, I think I made it 😛

Mummy thought over all, we would have still failed… even Josiah said our off leash heeling was really crap…. buttt……..

Mock Exam results

Mock Exam results

Muahahaha…. we made it!!! Think whole class only Hizer and me made it!!! weeeeeeeee!!! so happy!!!!

Mummy bought me a huge lamb pie and some mini pizzas to reward me for my obedience! hee… Boy did I end up with a huge satisfied tummy after a long long day…

Lamb Pot Pie

Lamb Pot Pie

mini pizza

mini pizza

Lamb pie

Lamb pie

Hope the coming Sun’d real exam we could make it as smooth too!! hee.. then maybe I’ll get an even bigger pie??? hee hee 😛 *dreams*

Happy awaiting Bubbles

Happy awaiting Bubbles


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