Basic Obedience Training Exam

In Skool time on June 7, 2009 at 12:37 am
Exam results

Exam results

This speaks all of it le…

I need more brush up on off leash heeling and more control and obedience towards listening and being attentive to my mummy. Think we need more work le..

I was very hyper that day of the exam with loads of energy. I help getting restless and very distracted with the scents of other dogs’ presence in the room, as well as slightest movements in the room.

Mummy says I just made her money spent more worth it coz instead of 10 sessions, we now have 20 sessions for the same amt paid.. haa… Mummy said its time to brush our team work well and leadership towards me so as to gear up for intermediate.

Outta all 8 dogs that day, only 4 passed, of which 2 are their internal dogs (Hizer and Luke), and Pocket, Puma 🙂

Congrats!!! Hopefully we can meet again soon someday.

Funny thing is.. all these dogs goes to the daycare for rehab. If you guys had read Cesar’s book (Dog Whisperer) or follow his series, you would probably know how dog rehabs works… Mummy thinks I should go into the daycare too.. to mingle and have fun.

Oh well.

Here’s the syllabus for intemediate which we are working towards:

1. Heel off leash with pattern of 8s. – more challenging off leash walks

2. sit-stay and down-stay of 3min and 5 mins respectively.. with owners out of sight!

3. Recalling with disruptive commands before completing the recall exercise

4. Active heeling – owners giving command which continue with the walk (dogs need to follow command i.e. sit, down, stand)

and of coz, the team needs to get into skc competition and get a ribbon to really pass intermediate.

Challenging but WE CAN DO IT!!! 😛



The Best Team!!!


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